At JZ Marketing, Inc. we believe in
marketing smarter not harder.

Whatever your audience - Business to Business, Business to Consumer, existing customers, prospects, or former customers - we can create a strategy to help you select the most receptive audience most likely to respond to your offer and help you eliminate wasted dollars that might be spent chasing after individuals who are unsuited to your offer.

Through consultation and collaboration, we create customized data solutions that address each client’s unique needs and marketing objectives. We use our experience and knowledge in the marketplace to make the best recommendations that speak to your specific needs and produce the best results.

Targeted Lists and Data Solutions

At JZ Marketing, our goal is to increase your response rate and maximize the return on your marketing investment.  We are experts in the sourcing of all types of marketing data, whether it be:

  • Consumer Data including demographic, lifestyle & behavioral attributes
  • Business Data complete with firmographics
  • Automotive Data as well as KBB and Black Book value appends
  • Saturation Data
  • Subscriber Files
  • Response Files
  • Specialty Lists (New Mover, Real Property, Pre and Post Natal, etc)
  • E-Mail Files

We understand the nuances and complexities associated with each type of data file and can help you develop the optimal list to drive response through direct mail, E-mail, and/or telemarketing.

By understanding who your customers are through custom data enhancement, segmentation and analytics we can further help you deliver the right offer to the most receptive audience.

Our full suite of data hygiene and suppression services can additionally improve your accuracy and deliverability and reduce costs.

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