List Services

At JZ Marketing, we offer a comprehensive array of direct marketing lists and data services at cost-effective prices. Each recommendation we provide is custom-created to address your specific marketing goals and objectives - all delivered with world class speed and service. Our industry knowledge is unsurpassed and we're ready to put it to work for you.  Please call for counts and pricing. 

Automotive Owner Specialty File

Access the most comprehensive and robust automotive file on the market.  These are verified auto owners.  Select make, model and year, auto class, fuel type, and more.  The file also offers demographic selects and summarized credit scores for further segmentation.  Sourced from vehicle warranty information, sales/service records, online surveys, auto aftermarket, direct response and proprietary sources, it is 100% compliant with the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act and Shelby amendment.  Also available - Kelley Blue Book and Black Book value appends

U.S. Consumer File

Consumer data covering virtually every household in the U.S. with demographic, lifestyle, behavioral and purchase related information compiled from a variety of sources including public records and real estate information, telephone directories, purchase data from catalogs and online sites, auto dealerships, consumer surveys, publications, registrations and other proprietary sources.  Files are updated monthly and processed for optimal delivery providing the most accurate and complete addresses and ensuring your marketing investment gets to the right person at the right time.

U.S. Business File

Reach 16.3 million U.S. businesses.  The file is complete with firmographics such as SIC code, job title, contact name and every other high demand business file selection such as Credit Rating, Risk Score, Sales Volume, Phone Number, Number of PCs, Square Footage, Franchises and much more. Business lists are compiled from a variety of public and private record sources including credit data, professional journals, legal filings, media/news resources, and government registrations. File is updated monthly and tele-verified for accuracy.

Additional Data and Data Services



Reach all households and/or businesses within a certain geographical area. Resident/Occupant lists allow deep postal discounts as they "saturate" the specific geography you're mailing into, ie: carrier route, Zip+4, Zip, etc.  Select by areas with high ethnic concentrations and demographics aggregated to the Zip+4 level.

E-Mail Lists

E-mail lists of consumers and businesses for stand-alone or multi-channel campaigns including full-service set up, deployment and reporting. E-mail enhancement services are also available for consumer and business lists.

Real Property

Reach verified homeowners at their mailing address. The Real Property file is updated monthly and is compiled from numerous sources that include county assessor data, county recorder data, and attributes from compiled consumer files. Unique elements include lender name, loan information, and property characteristics.

Consumers by Ethnicity

In 2014 there were 55.4 million Spanish-speakers or Hispanics in the U.S., which is approximately 17.4% of the total U.S. population.  And, Hispanic consumers represent $1.5 trillion in purchasing power.* Harness the power to market to these Hispanic consumers by selecting ethnicity on your next campaign.  Also available are a full array of demographics, lifestyle and behavioral selects. *Pew Research Center

New Business & Consumer Phone Connects

Reach newly connected businesses and consumers sourced from 4-1-1 directories on a weekly or monthly hotline. Businesses and consumers are known to establish buying patterns in the first three months after a move. Reach out to them during this crucial time and reap long-term benefits by establishing relationships that can carry them into the future. The New Phone Connect is the largest file of its kind.

PreMovers and New Movers Across the U.S.

Reach consumers who have their homes listed for sale or who have recently moved and capture individuals when they are most likely to make buying decisions relating to a pending move or a new home purchase. File is updated monthly and offers demographic selects. Weekly and monthly hotline selects are also available.

Internet Connected Consumers/Businesses

Identify consumers and businesses by their internet connectivity. Sourced directly from internet registrations, file provides validated ISP servers and is updated each quarter.

Specialty/Vertical/Response Data

Access to virtually every specialty and response file on the market or tell us what you need.  We will make recommendations specific to your offer selecting from individuals who have purchased and/or indicated an interest in purchasing specific products and services. There are literally thousands of specialty files on the market, but we have the know-how and experience to take the work off your hands in the most efficient manner.

Also Available...

JZ Marketing, Inc. also offers New Homeowner data, Bankruptcy data, Medical Specialty data, Active Registered Voters and Contributors and much more.