Going Above and Beyond for the Customer

Going Above and Beyond for the Customer

Some people might say I’m crazy because I do so many extra things for my clientele – provide that extra level of customer service.  Things that make their lives easier; things that would chew up their time, and definitely things they would get charged for at almost any other data company.  The truth is, I love my clients and appreciate their loyalty.  That’s the reason I rarely charge for these add-on services.  It’s my way of expressing my gratitude and just one of the steps I take to let them know that I appreciate their business.

It’s always been my belief that I am in partnership with my customers and the old adage of “going above and beyond” is our mantra.  It’s not just a revenue issue – it’s about turning customer service into the “customer experience.”

In the data world, there are a lot of companies doing what we do.  So, how do you set yourself apart?  In thinking about this, I am reminded about companies where I feel a degree of loyalty.  What is it about those companies that keep me coming back?

The easiest way to determine what level of customer service a company is committed to providing is when there is a problem that needs to be solved.  Do they listen?  Are they dedicated to reaching acceptable solution that leaves you happy and ensures that you come back?  I’m of the mindset that the best customer can sometimes be a dissatisfied customer, because that’s when you really have the opportunity to really “wow” them with an incredible customer experience.

Recently, during a visit to my favorite steak house with a large group of friends, I was expecting an incredible meal with the usual five star service we’re accustomed to receiving.  Our entire group was sorely disappointed with utterly miserable service.  I thought about the line, “If you love our service, tell everyone.  If you don’t, tell us,” and made the decision to call them and tell them about my experience.  The manager listened, admitted their mistake, sincerely apologized and made good on the mistake by sending me a high value gift card asking me to come back.  His efforts ensured that I would, most certainly, visit them again.  And I do to this day.

In a fast paced digital world it’s important to take a moment and remember who we’re serving.  At every touch point and at every interaction… slow down, sit back, and think about the customer experience.  Do you know what your customers want and/or expect?  Do you have measures in place to ensure your delivery is on time?  Have you run a QC on your deliverables?  Are you acting with integrity?  All these things go along with building trust and creating the customer experience that will create loyal customers.